Kaffi Lára El Grilló Bar is located in an 100 year old timber house in the heart of Seyðisfjörður. The house was previosly the home of Lára; an old local legend who lived there for many decates. Lára was a woman of many skills and talents and earned her livings by cooking fish and chips for british fishermen, staging seance meetings and selling lottery tickets.

The tales of old Lára where often told by the Founder of Kaffi Lára,  Eyþór þórisson. He named the pub, Kaffi Lára, after old lady Lára alledegly visited Eyþór in his dreams and told him to take good care of the house as it still was her home even in her afterlife.

Grandpa Eyþór is the head of our family and founded Kaffi Lára. Since then it has become a family business where the turists meets the locals, where families gather for dinner, where friends gather for drinks and where the pub along with dancing shoes comes to wake at night.

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